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La revolución en alojamiento para eventos
The Event Accomodation Revolution


Complete Room

the capsule allows us to sleep as an hotel in a few square meters


Container Based Solution

10 double rooms, or 16 single rooms in a 40 feet container.


4 seasons solution

with air conditioning and heating system.


Future Design

traveling to mars in a capsule.


Single or double

How do you prefer to sleep?


Sleep by day

when the festival ends late and you want to sleep by day... blind & air conditioning.


acoustic and thermal isolated

no one will disturb you from sleeping well.


fully equipped

Real matress, temperature control, usb charger, light colour control, combination safe box, hotel card key...


breakfast included

depending on your event, confirm it in the event page.


full bed set

with real matress, full linen set, pillow... and towel.


Innovative configurations

They are like a lego, install them where is needed.


a glamping product

inside the glamping co. for service in eu market.,


some info to help, aproximated data, some changes could apply.

  1. Double or individual cabin, installed inside a container with central power & air conditioning systems.
  2. Terrace, one of the sides of the container is folding to the floor to became a terrace with tables and banks and sunshades for summer use, for winter use it applies closed common area with fireplace.
  3. Isolated container to keep a good habitability inside the capsule. The container must be plugged to a power supply.
  4. LED intelligent sliding central control, Temperature display, calendar function, Reading lamp , Backlight headlight, Ceiling light
  5. LED backlight display, Sci-tech ceiling, Hollowed out dreamlike ceiling (double ceiling).
  6. Toughened glass leaning plate, Electronic safety box, Powder fire extinguisher, Ultra sensitive smoke alarm, Deluxe waterproof dressing mirror
  7. Adjustable air conditioning cycle system, New air ventilation (M3/h): 30, Advanced bedplate (flame retardancy, bug prevention, anti mildew), Ergonomic skidproof staircase.
  8. Single transverse type size(mm) Outer size(no ladder):L2180*W1200*H2470mm Inner size:2000*900*1150 mm
  9. Double cabin size(mm) Outer size(no ladder):L2250*W1785*H2470mm Inner size:2000*1550*1120mm
  10. There is no special space for luggage, as in a tent you should sleep with your luggage in the capsule. Bring a small luggage or rent an space for luggage in the lockers area.
  11. Summer Festival Capsules have no TV neither AC Plug connector, only DC USB Chargers.


Any question?

Glamping, S.L.

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08005 - Barcelona


Camino Barcelona Viejo, 10
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